Based in Bremen


is a self-learning, video aided laboratory organised in order to improve dancing skills and improvisation capabilities for Milongas and Neolongas without any urgency, at your own pace. Based onthe low-budget principle so that everyone can take part as often as possible 😃 

Every NTL has a specific structure assured by moderators supervising the discussion process between the praxis phases:

- Warming up

- Video presentation 

- Practice phase

- First round discussion 

- Second practice phase

- Final round discussion 

- Open dancing

Moderators don't shape the dancing style. Every dancer keeps it's own style, benefits from the common experiences during the self-organised learning process.

Appropriately cut out video parts are displayed continuously on a big screen in slow motion or frame-by-frame, so that everybody can exactly see and analyze how the sequences / moves have been danced and what techniques applied. 

Next, the participants share their observations and ideas on "how to do it" with the other dancers. 

afterwards the couples try out all these suggestions in practice, discuss the outcome, practice again, discuss and so on until thanks to the joint effort of the whole group the sequence/figure finally has been »cracked«.